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    SITEMAP-Super cereals

    Pseudocereals are tiny, grain-like seeds (fruits) of dicotyledonous plant species employed much like as cereals in the food preparations.

    There is a renewed interest in the cultivation of super-grain crops as potential source of special dietary uses, particularly in the people who are allergic to staple cereals like wheat. The fact that pseudocereals employed as cereals and have a higher nutritional value; they can supplement or may completely replace common cereal grains (rice, corn, or wheat) as staple food sources.

    Scientifically, all pseudocereals are non-grass plant produce. They are small grain-like seeds that resemble in function and composition to those of the true cereals.

    Some of the common pseudocereals in use today are:

    amaranth grains
    chia seeds
    Chia seeds
    quinoa seeds

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