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    Sitemap- pulses and beans

    Legumes represent a vast family of plants including more than 500 genera and more than 10,000 species.

    Legumes are the fruit pod of a plant originally from Central and South America. The word bean refers to the fruit, the seed and the plant that produces them. The pods of most beans varieties can be eaten fresh if gathered before reaching maturity. Once mature, they are no longer edible raw; the beans are shelled and the seeds called "pulses," can be used dried, and cooked.

    Here is an impressive list of beans with detailed illustrations of their health benefits and nutrition facts:
    adzuki beans
    Adzuki beans
    black gram
    Black gram (Urad beans)
    Chickpea (garbanzo beans)
    Cowpeas (black-eyed peas)
    Edamame (green soybeans)
    fava beans
    Fava beans (Broad bean)
    french beans
    Green beans
    green peas
    Green peas
    hyacinth beans
    Hyacinth (lablab) bean
    lima beans
    Lima beans
    mung beans
    Mung beans
    navy beans
    Navy beans (haricot)
    pigeon peas
    Pigeon peas (Red gram)
    pinto beans
    Pinto beans
    snap peas
    Snap peas
    winged bean
    Winged bean
    yardlong beans
    Yardlong beans

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